Why “Advisor Share”

Why the name "Advisor Share" for our RIA?

There are two main thoughts behind the name:

1) No one advisor or even a firm of advisors can do it all or know it all.

By collectively working with a broad based internal team of the RIA as well as the many other IARs who themselves bring value to the RIA offering, we believe ASWM is uniquely positioned to provide clients with the best comprehensive advice in the RIA industry. Advice they deserve and can help them grow money with good risk-adjusted portfolios as well as helping clients with estate and asset protection planning, long-term care planning, reducing taxes (capital gains, estate, income), and many other services.

2) Most IARs (Investment Advisor Representatives) who work through RIAs (Registered Investment Advisory firms) are NOT owners in the RIA. RIAs are owned by a small group of individual founders who then recruit and bring on board IARs. While there is nothing wrong with the traditional model, we believe a better model is one where the IARs become owners in the RIA.

By having IARs become owners in the RIA, they have a vested interest in the operation and quality of the RIA (IARs will help the RIA be as good as it can be vs. being less interested bystanders).

One of the additional benefits of IARs owning part of the RIA is business continuity. Clients of IARs will know that there is built in continuity of service when the IAR retires. Clients won’t have to find new advisors with a new/different investment philosophy.

If you have any questions about our ownership structure or the benefits of working with an IAR from AS Wealth Management, please feel free to reach out to your local IAR or you can also feel free to contact us directly at 206-803-6216.

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